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Jeff Lawson September 24, 2013 Announcements

Please use the following guidelines when selecting your ticket's severity level.

URGENT: A mission critical service is down and no workaround is immediately available.  The system crashes or corrupts data or there is a significant risk of loss/corruption.  A system is not functioning, resulting in the halt of all operations and critical business impact.

HIGH: A user is unable to use an entire business-critical system. The issue affects a significant number of users.  There is a significant performance degradation.

NORMAL: A user is able to use a system, however, there is a non-critical loss of functionality.  Issue affects some, but not all users.  Functionality of some components is impaired, but allows the users to continue using the system.  Issue is not always reproducible or the issue is intermittent.

LOW: A stable solution or workaround for the issue is provided and the Support Team continues to investigate for the root cause.  A customer is able to use the system; however some minor problems may exist that do not impact delivery of service.  Minor cosmetic issues or general usage questions.  Requests for information about software usage.  Enhancement requests or recommendation for a future system improvement.